LEE Seung Gi ‘Best Healty Star’

once again lee seung gi get new nick name ‘암다나남’ (AmDaNaNam) after beating HyeonBin and Wonbin As ‘A healty celebrity star’.

According to Cancer Specialist kyuohelhan, who ask 129 patients about “Best Celebrity Star who Have Best Health immunity ?” .

Lee Seung Gi become Winner after getting the most votes from Patients (69 votes, 53.4%) beating HyeonBin (34 votes 26.3%), WonBin(21 votes, 16.2%).

the true of UhmChinAh, in many year he never made a scandal or something bad and that is make he more and more loved by everyone. and the good healty live cycle that he doing was accepted by public. Lee Seung gi Hwaiting .. ^^

source : Naver

Translation: Yocheumi.wordpress.com


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