5 Drama Couple that Most Waited 2011

American site “MaxMovie” was hold a Polling that Asked Netizen “Drama Couple That Most waited ?”.
The poll is start from April 22 until April 27. the poll was include 3278 netizen.

and the winner is Cha Seung Won-Gong Hyo Jin Couple 54,9% (1801 votes) with their MBC drama ‘최고의 사랑’. the second place Lee Min Ho-Park Min Yeong Couple 18.4%(603 votes) with their SBS Drama ‘시티헌터’/City Hunter.

and KangJiHwan-YoonEunHae couple with SBS Drama ‘Lie To Me’/내게 거짓말을 해봐 come in 3rd place (9.2%, 302 votes). 4th couple is Choi DAniel – Jang Nara (8.1%, 265 votes) with KBS2 Drama ‘동안미녀’. 5th JeongKyeoUn-SongYooRi couple (6.5%, 213 votes) with SBS dama ‘내게 거짓말을 해봐’/Lie To Me. and Jay-JeongEunChae (2.9%, 94명) with KBS1 Drama ‘우리집 여자들’

source : Naver
Translation and Summary : YoCheumi.wordpress.com


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