Woong, a double cleansing skin care secrets “cleaner than Lee Seung Gi”

[Seoul newspaper NTN] actor woong a double cleansing skin care to reveal the secret.

Woong aired in the past 10 pm KBS2TV ‘Happy Sunday -1 night 2 days’ in the wild look of the members contrary to the public by the Urban Men’s skin care, attracted attention.

The broadcast of the public woong skin care after he led a successful bokbulbokgeimeseo sleep indoors. The first step in skin care, focusing seriously on his head and closing the water temperature,

Woong realized that you did not clear within the makeup cleansing oil makeup, and yours truly a double cleansing foam cleansing and showed how meticulous skin care.

Patting her face with a tissue, wipe dry appearance before applying the lotion elaborated in meticulous seanbeop delicate topic which was felt even more than Lee Seung Gi.

TV viewers are immediately “reminds me of the old lee seung gi, ” “In this world the first fully carefully more  completely washed thoroughly, ” “sophisticated urban man’s skin care,”  showed such great interest.

Meanwhile, members, due to bad weather also was scheduled to go to formal dinners bokbulbokeul not stay in manufacturing was in progress. Prepared a formal dinner was a splendid palace.

Photo = KBS2TV ‘Happy Sunday -1 night 2 days’ screen capture
translation : yocheumi @ wordpress.com
News Team ntn@seoulntn.com


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