Lee Seung Gi and Eun Ji won Hat Fashion

Lee Seung Gi, Eun hat fashion events among People have been collecting. .

Eun Ji Lee Seung Gi and wild real load beorayieotisyo KBS2 Happy Sunday -1 night 2 days’ written out in caps are enjoying high popularity after the broadcast.

Lee has ‘take the islands’ side came out wearing a green hat and Eun aired last week, ‘steep, go to the’ side came out wearing a yellow hat, caught the attention of viewers. Two men came out wearing a hat with a differentiated product that strikes the eye plain different designs and colors and has raised the interest of viewers.

After the broadcast viewers on various bulletin boards, “where Lee Seung Gi hat superscription?” “I would like to know which products Eun hat” “I want to buy”, and revealed an interest in writing olrimyeo hat.

Eun Lee Seung Gi’s hat and cap of the largest professional ‘haetcheuon’ the PB brand elseutingko ‘products. Els Ting launched simultaneously with the nose is very popular. Paesyeonpipeul unique items, especially young people prefer to have been an issue.

Flourishing, jongbangdoen drama ‘Secret Garden’ in the Ha also shown wearing hats this product moateotda topics. A collection of topics ‘bubble kiss’ Ha Ji-won two in a scene that was written on his hat is haetcheuon products.

1 Night 2 Days, aired after the ‘Lee Seung Gi hat’ Eun hat ‘and’ haetcheuon ‘stores and online stores haetcheuon (www.hatson.co.kr) are sold like hot cakes on. This hat also available in 5 colors motpal happened enough for current products are popular enough.

Haetcheuonui official said, “The original design was more popular after broadcasting a much higher sales increased,” “The situation is further to be commissioned,” he screamed fun.

Translation : yocheumi @ wordpress.com
[TV Daily = Choe news / photos = broadcast capture]

News Report news@tvdaily.co.kr

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